House Fallas

House Fallas -
Keep: Northwatch
Sigil: Silver helm on a black field

Vassal Houses:

House Kraken –
Keep: Krakehall
Sigil: Red squid on a grey field

House Valen -
Keep: Valentall
Sigil: Crossed brown axes on a forest green field

House Kirsburn -
Keep: Horwood
Sigil: Burning torch and brown shield on a forest green field

House Pravis -
Keep: Pravis
Sigil: Dark grey falcon on a brown field

House Toorke -
Keep: Toorke
Sigil: Grey arm wielding warhammer on a red field

House Balden -
Keep: Baldehall
Sigil: Orange boar’s head on a brown field

The Northern Kingdoms

House Fallas

Chronicles of the Green Dragon Inn and Tavern Pantheon