The Northern Kingdoms

The Northern Kingdoms are a fragmented land. It has been at least two centuries since a king last united the land and the great Houses of the region have grown accustomed to ruling themselves. They often feud and war with one another, and it has only been just over a decade since the last major conflict, the War of the Grove. Since then things have been rather quiet, though from time to time some of the Houses will come together, call up their bannermen and march into the Wilder Lands in search of glory. The last Wilder Lands campaign was carried out by Lord Joson of House Warbeck just four years past.
The only true cultural center of the Northern Kingdoms is the city of Slynt. Slynt is a bustling port in the south which receives ships, cargoes, and peoples from the Southron lands and even Bortubos across the Great Sea. The city is not claimed or owned by any House or lord, and is instead ruled by a small council of merchants and ship captains. Sellswords and mercenaries looking for work can often find it in Slynt.

The Great Keeps:


The Point

Skor’s Keep


The Rock




The Great Houses:
House Fallas

House Oremar

House Kesten

House Scoffbeck

House Mulbuck

House Canton

House Faleon

House Warbeck

House Rorke

The Northern Kingdoms

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